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Adrenalink - (concept my friend threw me) What things engage other people like hip hop does us?

some decide to drown in floating widgets
shit, some bitches fuck midgets
live by the word-and-murder over scriptures
I slay emcee's like I was that bastard hitler
Michealangelo on Mics Kubrick lyrical pictures
troops raping resisters thinking of their sisters
some hear voices coming through in mental whispers
'Can you spare some change, Mister?'
(sshit, I'm about to Change my life)get-a-job-on-the-docks-and-some-socks-for-those-blisters
I been mingling with sophisticates
and still know kids with kids and lives to live
Dreaming-of-something-beyond-Beeding but never grasping what to give
some obsessed with cleaning always dusted
all natural flow though my math's a lil rusted
In front of your house I'll peel out as I Punch it
Punch me
its all too lovely
as if god loved ugly
known a few drunk stoners
turned geeked-out gun runners
but its only a gateway drug for 10-out-of-100
like babies becoming mothers
earning dollars under covers
balding ballers buying breasts for lovers
brethren killing brothers
like heaven and hell rocking gang colors
fucking vultures and buzzards
absurd big birds sqawking words smoking herb
chickenheads spread eagle on the curb
zoning swerving off road round the curve
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yeah man that was some real shit nice one